About Us

Welcome to our Colorado Family Ranch

Trinity Cattle Ranch is an operation focused on high quality genetics and producing great grassfed beef.  Our primary objective is to maintain consistency and leverage strong genetics that has made our program successful.

What is the key to our program?  American Aberdeen Angus (Lowline).  Why?

  • More efficient size – Very feed efficient, perfect for grassfed operations. Great for small or large acreage production
  • Great dispositions, easy handling – Less fence and equipment maintenance.  Ideal breed for young ranchers and 4H projects
  • Easy calving – Smaller calf size average (45-55lbs) means most births do not require assistance
  • Great mothering instincts – cows are known for their strong mothering ability and milk capacity
  • Feed efficient – More feed efficient and able to thrive on a quality grassfed diet. Small size means higher stocking rates per acre
  • Quality beef – Lowline Angus are known for the taste, texture, and marbling of the meat, with larger ribeye per carcass weight